For the first time, GFS Business Development Services brings you a full ACCA qualification programme to the Gambian working class and student population. With more than 9 years’ experience in the field of Training and Development and IT Transformation, GFS Business has sustained its position as one of the biggest capacity development providers in The Gambia.

ACCA think ahead

By offering the ACCA, we hope to broaden our renowned delivery services to a more specialized field of study, offering more people better options of success and career paths. With GFS, you are guaranteed success in your path to ACCA membership. Our FIA (Foundations in Accountancy) set of entry level qualifications ACCA make sure there is something to offer for everybody who aspires in the career of finance, regardless of their knowledge or experience.

Our ACCA goal is precise – to provide outstanding lecture and support services that establishes the highest possible levels of quality and leverages our knowledge and experience as a leading professional development institution.

With our continuous successes in training and development with our participants, year after year combined with our highly knowledgeable & experienced tutors, constant study materials, supported self-study, regular progress tests and an intensive, focused lecture course before any exams, our students are guaranteed quality of service, value for money and an ACCA membership.

Join us at GFS and get the most out of your studies!


All ACCA Hardcopy Textbooks are available for Purchase at our office

ACCA Diploma in Financial Management and Accounting (RQF Level 2)

Duration: Six Months
  • FA1: Recording Financial Transactions
  • MA1: Management Information

ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (Six Months) (RQF Level 4)

Core Modules
  • FBT: Business and Technology
  • FMA: Management Accounting
  • FFA: Financial Accounting
Optional Modules (Any Two
  • FAU: Foundations in Audit
  • FTX: Foundations in Taxation
  • FFM: Foundations in Financial Management
Applied Knowledge Level (Nine Months)

  • BT: Business and Technology
  • MA: Management Accounting
  • FA: Financial Accounting

Applied Skills Level (Eighteen Months)

Modules (Three Months per Module)
  • LW: Corporate and Business Law
  • PM: Performance Management
  • TX: Taxation
Modules (Three Months per Module)
  • FR: Financial Reporting
  • AA: Audit and Assurance
  • FM: Financial Management

Strategic Professional Level (Duration: Twelve Months)

Core Modules (Three Months per Module)
  • SBL: Strategic Business Leader
  • SBR: Strategic Business Reporting
Optional Modules (Any Two) (Three Months per Module)
  • AFM: Advance Financial Management
  • APM: Advance Performance Management
  • ATX: Advance Taxation
  • AAA: Advance Audit and Assurance