We are a human capacity development consulting and IT firm with decades of experience working with reputable institutions at both local and international levels.

GFS Business Development in Kanifing South, The Gambia was established by a group of seasoned business professionals with several years’ experience working for some of the world’s best business consultancy services and technology companies in Europe, US, and Africa.

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Our professionals understands the needs and motivations of stakeholders.

Our service span non-vertical markets expertise of working within the financial sector, human resource management, professional development, public sector, customer service, training and development, and governance. We are also experience in client technology solution from software to infrastructure to procurement and installations of hardware systems.

Our professionals understands the needs and motivations of stakeholders







The training was impressive, and the interactions were spectacular, the resource persons are well experienced, the hospitality was amazing at the end and then.
Nfamara KuyatehNfamara Kuyateh, Secretary, Public Service Commission
GFS Business Development are efficient and reliable, the experience I had outside Gambia by GFS, it also made me go out to those places with my family and which I really appreciate , GFS also made me to be very brave with snakes when we went to Kartong, the resource persons are highly well trained and very experienced at the end and then.
Sarja Camara, Deputy Director Finance & Accounting, The Gambia Revenue Authority
The trainings offered by GFS Business Development have always been relevant to the civil service. In some cases, my ministry has had the opportunity to collaborate on tailored courses specific to our needs. We have found their services quite accommodating and the delivery of their courses by skilled and experienced resource persons applicable in our everyday service delivery at the end and then.
Yaya DrammehYaya Drammeh, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs
The training I attended at GFS helped me and I was able to train my colleagues upon return. We were taken to Kartong and it was my first time going there, I built relationships with different people, and the course content was adequate at the end and then.
Isatou Ann DaviesIsatou Ann Davies, Director, Department of Information Services
My relationship with GFS is in two folds, organizing trainings and being a participant. From the trainings I attended I gathered a lot of experience from the resource persons. The participants are well taking care of in terms of our health. Lastly, I would encourage anyone I know to attend GFS training programs at the end and then.
Musa CamaraMusa Camara, Deputy Permanent Secretary Programs & Policies, Personnel Management Office
The organisation was good, the facilities are up to standard, the resources persons are well retired and experienced people and also have young trainers that I learnt a lot from at the end and then.
Abdoulie Kah, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture
GFS provides top notch training, personally for me I have attended three of their trainings which were delivered by highly qualified resource persons. After I attended the training, I became more productive, and the hospitality, customer care, facilities and the logistics are excellent and world class at the end and then.
Bartholomew MarongBartholomew Marong, Director, National Records Service

Our business goal is to provide our clients a professional service of the highest caliber.

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