Established in 2012 GFS Business Development Services was incorporated to provide Advanced and Essential Professional Development Training Programs for State-Owned Entities, the Private Sector, Local and Overseas Professionals, Government employees, Legislators and Councillors and Supervisory Staff with a view to providing unique solutions to fill capacity gaps and needs across a broad spectrum. GFS Business Development launched its Outplacement Consultancy to respond to the demands for flexible career development and support for governments, organisations and individuals affected by the significant change in the employment landscape. True to the company’s ethos our services are professional, individually tailored and focused on a successful outcome.

Workshops and Training

Considering the rapid demand in the Management and Training industry, business has grown and as such we now offer a variety of services to our clients, each tailored to their individual needs providing an exclusive tailored solution to Advanced Management Training, Essential Management Skills Courses, Training and Development for Government Official and Policy Makers nationally, internationally and across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Our client base is varied, and as such we are able to cater successfully for the needs of such a diverse and ever-changing market. Our Clients are attracted by the strength and proven track record of our highly trained and educated team of lecturers/Trainers who provide candidates with an invaluable service with guaranteed deliverables.

With a successful track record of experience spanning over 8 years in the field of Training and Development, Human Resource Management, and other major consultancy Services, you can be assured of a professional approach which offers openness, honesty, and most importantly professional delivery. GFS Business Development offers a best practice service through Abiding by the Code of Conduct for Employment Business codes and ethics as well as accreditation and registration through several internationally recognised educational and training bodies.

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Our Approach

The GFS Business Development approach is to define specific learning objectives that enable the acquisition of the competencies needed to achieve desired job performance outcomes and behaviors. Taking into consideration that Successful education and training programs incorporate these two basic steps into our program designs.

Our emphasis is to provide the highest standard of quality Human Resource Management and Professional Development training needs, thereby playing a pivotal step towards the achievement of well-trained and capacitated institutions, without which training program designs fail.

Our design and implementation of comprehensive, summative evaluation tools provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of each training. We use this information to adjust and improve our programs, ensuring that the most effective and useful trainings are being delivered.

We also carefully consider and adhere to all standards that ensure the development of new knowledge and skills which are targeted to the needs of both the Private Sector and Government workplaces and are accurately measured to determine the ways in which learning transfers and translates into productivity gains, efficiencies, and competitiveness of the workforce.


Our Values

GFS Business Development values are the basic principles that underpin the decisions, actions and behaviour of everyone who works for GFS Business Development and, combined with hard work, commitment and creative energy, are the foundation for GFS Business Development’s success. These values provide a framework for the way in which all employees are asked to operate, over and above the general expectation to be honest, diligent, and respectful of others.